Gaddafi could not be applied to shooting

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader, who was deposed, was killed with a shot in the head and legs. A video aired when Gaddafi wounded Al Jazeera. Gaddafi, his face bloodied seen alive. His body had been dragged into a weak army.

Gaddafi has called the revolutionary army in order not to be shot. "Do not shoot. Do not shoot!".

Gaddafi was wounded looked confused. He also asked the captive soldier. "What have I done to you".

Video footage also showed Gaddafi led to a car. And someone hit him with a pistol at the head of Gaddafi on Friday (21/10).

Meanwhile, another video showing the bloodied body was dragged through the streets of his hometown of Sirte. Gaddafi appears topless.

The confirmation of the death of Qaddafi has caused tens of thousands of citizens took to the streets to celebrate. Celebration shots rang out in the capital, Tripoli, and cars honked. A number of people gathered hugging each other.

As you know, the man who ruled Libya for four decades, was arrested at his hideout in the gutter. Several international media on Thursday (20/10), said Gaddafi was shot and killed when troops attacked a rebel hideout on the location of Sirte.

The head and legs by the bullets were fired on the troops of the National Transitional Council (CNT). At the time of the incident was trying to get air strike forces of the Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). (Dailymail / MEL)